The Skout

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Skout Backcountry Gift Kits are designed to make gift shopping easy — perfect gifts for your adventurous loved ones and friends driven by wanderlust.

The Skout includes:

(2)  Chocolate Peanut Butter Trail Bars
(2)  Chocolate Coconut Trail Bars
(2)  Apple Cinnamon Trail Bars
(2)  Blueberry Almond Trail Bars
(2)  Pacific Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds
(2)  Jalapeño Salsa Pumpkin Seeds
(2)  Black Pepper BBQ Pumpkin Seeds
(1)  Skout Backcountry T-Shirt
(1)  Skout Backcountry Patch
(1)  Skout Backcountry Sticker
(1)  Skout Backcountry Temporary Tattoo


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