Our Story

Skout Backcountry - Jason SnowboardingSkout Backcountry exists to fuel every adventure with the best nomadic provisions the backcountry has to offer — without compromise.

Skout Backcountry was born on the high slopes of the rugged Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Founder Jason Pastega was raised in Oregon.  Known for its connection to the land and abundance of outdoor activities, Oregon was the inspiration for our line of field provisions.

Disappointed with the existing selection of energy and nutrition food filled with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, Jason wanted provisions that were healthy, organic, and real. So in 2008, Jason put his favorite organic ingredients into a kitchen mixer and spread his first bars with a rolling pin. Six months later Skout was born.

Jason and ScoutSkout Backcountry is a combination of the passionate pursuit of an adventurous lifestyle, the excitement of creating great-tasting, organic foods, and a strong commitment to promoting environmental stewardship. Because we believe that nature got it right the first time, every one of our products is made from the best that nature has to offer — embodying the rugged, energetic spirit of the region.

The quality of life in the Pacific Northwest is special, and it will remain so only by becoming stewards of the land and fostering a responsible and sustainable local economy. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in, and give back to, our local community.

Behind the Name
Jason's yellow Labrador and fellow adventure-seeker, Scout, was part of the inspiration for our name. The definition of "scout" ties directly to our purpose. We found it only fitting to incorporate this definition into the title of our company.

scout [skout] v. to find by seeking, searching, or exploring.



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