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In 2008, Skout Backcountry founder Jason Pastega was looking for healthy, organic, real sources of energy to sustain him during his adventures. Disappointed with the existing selection of energy and nutrition food that were filled with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, Jason put his favorite organic ingredients into a kitchen mixer and spread his first bars with a rolling pin. Six months later Skout was born.

    Organic DatesOrganic Dates
    The dates and oats give the Trail Bar a superior texture as well as add numerous health benefits.
    Organic AlmondsOrganic Almonds
    The almonds include vitamin E as well as good monounsaturated fats.
    Organic BlueberriesOrganic Blueberries
    Blueberries are the superfood that bring antioxidant power to this delicious Trail Bar.
    Organic Sunflower OilOrganic Sunflower Oil
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    Organic Lemon PeelOrganic Lemon Peel
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    Pink Himalayan SaltPink Himalayan Salt
    Beloved for its beautiful color, rich trace mineral content and delicious, versatile salt flavor has made Himalayan pink salt highly sought after by consumers, and thus with retailers, food manufacturers and processors. Consumers want to know where their foods and ingredients are coming from, down to the essentials, like salt. Following trends in the food industry of farm-to-table, bean-to-bar and other origin-driven trends, all-natural pink Himalayan salt will continue to become increasingly important and ubiquitous in the retail sector. Read more about SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan
    Organic Cocoa LiquorOrganic Cocoa Liquor
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    Organic PeanutsOrganic Peanuts
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    Organic ApplesOrganic Apples
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    Organic CinnamonOrganic Cinnamon
    The extremely high antioxidant properties are among the many benefits of adding cinnamon to the diet.
    Organic CoconutOrganic Coconut
    Coconut brings an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and pairs great with chocolate!
    Organic Pepitas Pumpkin SeedsOrganic Pumpkin Seeds
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