Willie McBride

Skout Backcountry Ambassador Willie McBrideWillie McBride has been an outdoor athlete for most of his life, having fallen in love with rock climbing at age 10. Since then, he has climbed rocks and mountains, skied, hiked, run trails, and much more, all over the world.

His greatest professional accomplishment has been creating and growing a successful coaching and training business over the past 5 years with his business partner, Yassine Diboun.

"Starting the business, putting myself out there by teaching and public speaking, and learning how to manage my anxiety in the face of those challenges has been truly life changing and is the thing I'd say I'm most proud of."

Willie's inspiration comes from people who do big things, not for the recognition, fanfare, or social media status, but simply because they love to do them. His love for the outdoors combined with his love for connecting with people and helping push them past their perceived limits has hugely impacted the lives of many.

"Skout stands apart for the simplicity of its products, the delicious and all-organic ingredients they use, and their commitment to environment and sustainability in all they do. Skout just seems devoid of gimmicks or ingenuine advertising. To me, Skout just is what it is—a successful, principled company making natural, tasty and effective fuel for active folk—without the hype.

Skout products work for me both during adventures AND during daily life because I enjoy simple, clean-burning, natural ingredients that are easy to digest and taste great. As a trainer and coach and someone often on my feet all day, I need energy that can last and is easily accessible and on-the-go. Skout's raw pumpkin seeds are great to have in my backpack, or car, or gym bag so I can fuel little by little and never get in a deficit."

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