Vince Franzen

Skout Backcountry Ambassador Vince Franzen

As a rope access technician, Vince Franzen sees it as a privilege to work completely in the vertical world, where others either can’t or won’t. He spends his weekdays getting ready for the weekends — hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, mountain biking, trail running long distances, bikepacking, and practicing photography.

Professionally, Vince does everything from window cleaning to scoreboard cleaning for the stadiums across the country

In addition to becoming certified as a rope access technician, Vince has run 45 miles around a Hawaiian volcano carrying all his food and water; set out to snag course records on the athletic social network, Strava; and ran the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in just over 4 hours (beating his friends who took the shuttle).

"The Skout pumpkin seeds work great in a hip pocket of a backpack. Snack, reseal, and stash. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Portable and organic. I have Skout products stashed in my gear bags so no matter what activity I do, I have a bar with me. Odds are if I am away from the house there is a Skout product somewhere on my person just in case I get hungry."



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