Gaz Leah

Skout Backcountry Ambassador Gaz Leah

Gareth Leah, known as “Gaz” among friends, is a professional climber and the man behind NYC Bouldering's most complete climbing guide ever written for New York. His plans to summit Cão Grande in June of 2016 caught the eye of the Adidas Outdoor Claim Freedom initiative. Gaz’s astonishing ascent of Cão Grande is an extraordinary example of overcoming the impossible.

"More people have stood on the surface of the moon than atop its forested summit…I wanted to know where the line was drawn, where my personal boundary of possible and impossible converged."

The food I eat to retain the benefits of training is as important as the training itself. I choose Skout because its organic recipes give me peace of mind knowing what I'm eating is the very best nutrition available, which can be the difference between failure and success when pursuing my goals.”



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