Brian Donnelly

Skout Backcountry Ambassador Brian Donnelly

“Walking and running trails, living out of a pack, and sleeping under open skies reminds me how little I need to be truly happy.”

Climber, biker, whitewater guide, kayaker, surfer, writer, fiddler, ultrarunner, and photographer, Brian Donnelly has done it all – and quite successfully! Brian has held the speed record for the 456-mile Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail since 2013, completing it in 7 days, 22 hours, and 37 minutes.

“Skout is now my go-to fuel for every kind of adventure from ski touring to ultrarunning to bikepacking. Skout combines the perfect mix of simple, all-organic ingredients that my body craves when I’m out moving all day and for days on end. I love the variety of flavors and the easy portability. My absolute favorites are the apple cinnamon trail bars and the pacific sea salt raw pumpkin seeds, which are an amazing source of plant-based omega-3 fats and heart-healthy minerals. Skout gives my body everything it needs and craves to keep charging and nothing it doesn’t.”

Photo Credit: Callum Pinkney - Toronto Photographer



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