Street Dog Hero

If you know the story behind Skout's namesake, you know our dogs are near and dear to our hearts.

Street Dog HeroAnyone who has traveled outside the United States has seen the massive overpopulation of street dogs. There are literally thousands that roam the streets with nothing to eat. Many are mistreated, injured, and suffer painful deaths.

This is why we are excited to support a local rescue, founded by a friend of Skout.  Based in Bend, Oregon, Street Dog Hero rescues street dogs, providing treatment and preparing them for adoption.

They offer many important services, including:
- spay and neuter pop up clinics
- rescue and transport
- medical care
- adoption services
- awareness and education

Just $60 provides one sterilization, and $200 provides one transport.
Join us in helping rescue these marvelous creatures.  Become a street dog hero today!

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