#skoutfind: Suunto Ambit2

Perfect for trail runners and explorers, the Suunto Ambit2 is wearable GPS with navigation, speed, heart rate, altitude, weather conditions and features for running, biking and swimming.

Skout Backcountry Ambassador Tyler GreenRecognizing that it has since been replaced by the newer Suunto Ambit3, Skout Backcountry Ambassador Tyler Green says, "My Suunto Ambit2 is old and well loved, and I absolutely love it as my number one training tool.

Mine is indestructible and I use it for all the pertinent data to make good decisions about effort and pace on every run.

Some say you should unplug and just run, but this is too good a tool to leave at home. That's my official endorsement!"

In addition to the extensive array of built-in tools, the Suunto offers the ability to personalize your Ambit2 with your pick of thousands of apps, adding new functionalities. Designed with a 24-hour battery life and packed in a glass fiber reinforced casing, the Ambit2 is ready for any adventure.

"Conquer new territory" with the Suunto Ambit2, and check out the Ambit3, Suunto’s first Bluetooth® Smart compatible product family!

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