#skoutfind: Adidas Terrex Solo

Gaz Leah - Adidas Terrex SoloPhoto: Matthew Parent

#skoutfind: Adidas Terrex Solo

The Adidas Terrex Solo comes highly recommended by professional climber and Skout Backcountry ambassador Gaz Leah.

"I finally experimented with different approach shoes last year for the first time ever and found some absolute gems with the Adidas Terrex Solos. They have some climbing rubber on the toe which makes them great for questing around."

What makes the Terrex Solo so fantastic?  Not only is it the lightest (12.2oz), most flexible Terrex yet, but it's also been fine-tuned for maximum ground contact, grip, and comfort.

The single-piece molded forefoot toe cap helps provide this grip while still providing the necessary abrasion-resistant weldings and forefoot cushioning for protection.  The upper part of the shoe is left as open mesh to maximize breathability and comfort.

"They're awesome on rock, wet or dry. They have a climbing rubber toes that's also just incredible for scrambling around. I've climbed big walls and soloed the flatirons in them, they're super tough!"

Check out the Adidas Terrex Solo and stay tuned for updates on Gaz's crazy climbing adventures!

Gaz Leah - Adidas Terrex Solo
Photo: Matthew Parent

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