#skoutoutside: Speaker Series Part 2: Jeremy Long

Thanks to all who joined us for the second part of our three-part Speaker Series! It was great hearing about Jeremy Long's passion for race directing and his drive to take on new challenges!

Skout Backcountry Ambassador Jeremy Long

From hours of trail work to late night porta-pot drop-offs, it was incredible to hear about Jeremy's commitment and passion for his work. Jeremy shared the interesting heritage of the Tillamook forest and the inspiration behind his Tillamook Burn Trail Run, which sold out in its first year, drawing in runners from 26 states!

Driven by the success of The Burn and his constant flow of new race ideas, Jeremy launched his own race directing business, Daybreak Racing. The name, Jeremy explained, stems from a personal running experience memories.

Daybreak Racing Logo

"This group of my buddies and I had a habit of running up and down logging roads outside of Forest Grove in the foothills of the Coast Range.  Four or five of us would generally meet up at 4:00am, because that was the only time that any of us had time to run while our kids were still asleep."

They would run up the side of a mountain called Gales Peak with the goal of reaching the ridgeline just before the sun came up.  It became their "daybreak run".

Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2

 Jeremy has a few races coming up in the next few months:

Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2

We wrapped up the night with a super rad raffle, offering prizes donated by our incredible partners.

From The Herb Shoppe:

• A $40 gift certificate
• A treatment from Dr. Ose. Okijie ND
A massage from Mariah Talicuran
A treatment Patrick Garretson, L.Ac.

From Daybreak Racing:
• Two entries into Backcountry Rise Trail Run

From Gorgeous Series:
A Gorgeous Relay Trucker Hat
A Bend Marathon and Half t-shirt

From Wy'east Wolfpack:

Two 10-class passes to Outdoor Bootcamps
30 minute training consultation via phone or in person

From Happy Mountain Kombucha:
Two 32oz growlers

From JT Racing:
• 1 entry into Elkhorn Crest 50
1 entry into Ochoco Trail Runs

Thanks again to everyone who joined us.  Looking forward to hearing Brian Donnelly's PCT stories on April 18th!

Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2Skout Backcountry Speaker Series - Part 2

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