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SheJumps is a national nonprofit whose mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. Portland is lucky to have some amazing ladies leading the group - Samara Davis and Katherine Jondro.

We have had the opportunity to support local SheJumps events, fueling their adventures with Skout Backcountry Trail Bars and Pumpkin Seeds. We have had the best time connecting with a diverse group of women who are motivated to further their outdoor knowledge and go on endless adventures!

On May 8th, twelve women from the PNW SheJumps community joined together to climb Mount St Helens. Some women came from Seattle; most came from the Portland area, bringing together a great group of women who all became friends through the adventure.

SheJumps @ Mount St. Helens

Everyone gathered on Sunday night at the Marble Mountain Sno-Park to set up camp in preparation for an early start on Monday morning. The parking lot was buzzing with adventurers excitedly organizing gear, imbibing in delicious food/drinks and discussing summit plans. The night was clear, the stars were bright, and the lot fell quiet around 9:30pm.

Alarms started to buzz around 4:30am and people began to crawl out of their cars/tents, gear up, and get ready for a sunny summit day! All 12 women gathered together at the trailhead, double checked gear, and began their journey along the snowy trail through the trees.

SheJumps @ Mount St. Helens

The trail meandered through the trees and opened up to a snowy field where crampons became necessary. The steepness of the trail started to make it much more difficult but spirits remained high! Breaks consisted of layering up/taking off layers, many laughs, and consumption of delicious Skout Trail Bars.

After a few false summits, the summit was finally in view! The last, difficult push was totally worth it, reaching the top to see the most amazing, breathtaking view. There’s nothing quite like the blissful mountain high that you get when you reach the top of the mountain!

Skout Backcountry SheJumps Mount St. Helens Summit

The crew basked in the sun at the summit, met new friends, ate Pumpkin Seeds and Trail Bars, drank some Happy Mountain Kombucha, and soaked in the views for over an hour before glacading down.


The most amazing part of the trip was the cohesiveness and endless support among friends, old and new. Skill levels varied among the group but the communication was strong and everyone supported each other.

We love being a part of experiences like this, bringing people together for adventure. We’re proud to be fueling these strong, adventurous, amazing ladies!

SheJumps @ Mount St. Helens

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