Ode to 2016

2016 was a year of growth and new relationships for Skout Backcountry!

A few 2016 highlights:

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: We've added 18 amazing athletes to our ambassador team. They are all very involved in the outdoor community and have dedicated a large part of their lives to staying active and going on adventures. We couldn't be more grateful and happy to be supporting such wonderful people!

REBRANDING: We hired a nationally-renowned design agency, McLean Design to steer our branding back to our roots as an outdoor company and to highlight the very definition of Skout: to find by seeing, searching and exploring. We are blown away by the quality of our bold new logo and fresh packaging designs!


Skout Backcountry Amy BuglioneAmy Buglione officially joined our team in 2016 after years of representing Skout Backcountry from the trail, starting in 2014 on her PCT thru-hike. She is our Events Director and does some marketing and social media. You can find her at many of the outdoor-focused events around Portland!

Skout Backcountry Josh BrunsJosh Bruns has been a part of the team from the beginning, and after graduating from PSU last spring, he joined full time as our Marketing & Social Media Manager. His creative background has allowed him to help with our branding/graphics and our social media presence.

Trevor Hostetler & Janessa Taylor - Duncan Ridge Trail 30kTrevor Hostetler and Janessa Taylor were our first Skout Ambassadors and joined the team as our Ambassador Managers within the same year. They are well connected in the outdoor community and have grown our ambassador team immensely in 2016.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT & PARTNERSHIPS: 2016 allowed us to form valuable connections with some of the best local businesses in our community! As a brand, we are proud of our Oregonian roots, and we are grateful for the support of local consumers and businesses. We are incredibly grateful for our customers all across the U.S., but cultivating local business remains our first priority.

Rare Earth Adventures' Reel Rock Film Fest at Base Camp Brewing[Rare Earth Adventures' Reel Rock Film Fest at Base Camp Brewing]

We often find ourselves at outdoor events with this same crew of awesome people, and we love working to bring our various communities together! We had the privilege of partnering with many local businesses for events and projects in 2016: Base Camp Brewing, Happy Mountain Kombucha, Mountain Shop, Rare Earth AdventuresNinteen27 S'mores, 10 Barrel Brewing, Territory Run Co., and Evolution Healthcare.

2016 also allowed Skout Backcountry to become more involved in local events including ultra trail runs, climbing events, film festivals, monthly pub runs, and snow events at Timberline Lodge.

Thank you for helping make 2016 our best year yet!

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