#skoutfind: Best Spring Hikes in the PNW


Flowers at Crater LakeAfter a LONG winter here in the PNW, we've reached the point where it's finally reasonable for more than just the die-hards to be outdoors. And believe us, we're taking full advantage of every moment!

Skout Backcountry is all about empowering outdoor adventures! Recognizing that it's not easy to find great-tasting healthy trail fuel, we've worked hard on a line of trail provisions — organic, vegan, raw Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds and organic, vegan, gluten-free date-based Trail Bars (with no added sugar!). You deserve nothing less than the very best nature has to offer.

Speaking of the best nature has to offer, the Pacific Northwest never ceases to amaze us with its beauty. Here are a few of our favorite Spring hikes!

Dog Mountain Hike

The seven-mile Dog Mountain hike is one of our favorite local hikes, notorious for its stunning views and Spring wildflowers. If you're looking for a challenge, grab your friends and your dog and hit the trail. You won't be disappointed!
Marsh Marigolds - Larch Mountain

The crater of Larch Mountain, whose hard volcanic surfaces have eroded over the years, is filled with fertile soil, lush forests, and flowery meadows. Populated with marsh marigolds, Spring is a beautiful time to visit the Larch Mountain crater!


Saddle Mountain

It's a classic, but with good reason. If you've never climbed Saddle Mountain, do it this Spring! The six-mile hike provides a challenge, without quite as intense an elevation gain as Dog Mountain. The breathtaking views and amazing wildflowers are worth every moment!


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